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If you have been charged with a crime, are going through a divorce or are looking to update your will, the Law Office of Kari L. MacDonald, P.A. has an attorney available to guide you through all the applicable legal procedures. The Law Office of Kari L. MacDonald, P.A., is conveniently located in Brandon, Florida (20 minutes from downtown Tampa, 30 minutes from Plant City and one hour from Pasco, Polk and Pinellas County courthouses). Our mission is to provide aggressive but compassionate legal support to individuals in their time of need. A strong attorney-client relationship is the first step towards achieving a favorable legal settlement and a relationship built on trust is a strong backbone for any legal case. At the Law Office of Kari L. MacDonald, P.A. everything we do is formulated around our clients’ needs and desires. You can trust our attorneys to get you the settlement you deserve.


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Family Law

Family law is a broad description for a number of different actions brought before the court which directly impact a family unit. Some of the cases we handle in the area of family law are: Divorce (Dissolution of Marriage); Paternity (Child Custody); Support Unconnected with Divorce; Department of Revenue Child Support actions, Step Parent Adoptions; Grandparent Adoption; Prenuptial Agreements; Military Divorce; Domestic Violence and Stalking Injunctions; and, Collaborative Divorce.

Custody Modification

In the State of Florida the term “custody” has been removed from the content of the governing statutes and the same has been replaced with the terms “parental responsibility” and “time-sharing”. Every order entered by a court which addresses a child should have a Parenting Plan included or incorporated therein.


A Paternity action is a legal proceeding in which a parent of a child born out of wedlock seeks to establish the biological father as the legal father of the child. In an action to establish paternity, the court has the authority to also establish child support, timesharing, parental responsibility, as well as address nearly any other child related matter.

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