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Providing peace of mind, when it matters most.

A strong attorney-client relationship is the first step towards achieving a favorable legal settlement, and a relationship built on trust is a strong backbone for any legal case. At The Law Office of Kari L. MacDonald, P.A. all of our cases are formulated around our clients’ needs and desires. Trust our attorneys to get you the settlement you deserve.

Kari MacDonald did a great job for us as mediator in my daughter’s divorce. She had documents prepared and filled them out as mediation took place. They were ready to print once all agreements were made so we could walk out with a signed agreement. She’s provided valuable advice and we would absolutely recommend her for your legal needs.

Jeanette H.
“Kari helped us out when we needed it the most. Very professional and went above and beyond to give us good direction. She was very caring and genuine and put us at ease immediately. I would recommend her to anyone!”
James K.

“Kari and her staff are amazing. They always took the time to answer any questions I had and really helped me thru a very difficult divorce. I would highly recommend her.

D Hart

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