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Child Support

Child support is a financial payment made for the benefit of a minor child as a means to help curb the costs associated with raising that child. Child Support is typically paid by one parent to the other parent but in certain circumstances can be paid by a state agency such as the Social Security Administration on one parent’s behalf and such support can be made to a non-parent guardian rather than a parent if the child is not currently in the custody of a parent.

Child support is calculated using the net incomes of the parties and is derived by using a tool called the Florida Child Support Guidelines which is contained in Florida Statute §61.30. Costs such as child care expenses, the cost of health insurance coverage for the child and uninsured medical expenses will also be taken into consideration when child support is established.

At the time of the initial child support determination, support arrearages (back child support) may be calculated up to 24 months immediately preceding the date the Petition for support was filed. As for modification proceedings, except in certain circumstances, support can only be recalculated back to the date the Supplemental Petition for Modification was filed.dification was filed.

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